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Nursery, preschool and playgroup photography

I have been described as a "free range photographer' which suits a preschool setting perfectly. At this age children are suspicious of strangers, they are busy with important games that they don't want interrupted, they want to be with their friends. My preschool photography takes all of that into consideration. No scary lights and backdrops, no dragging children away from an important role in a game, no fixed smiles, persuasion or bribing. I spend time in the setting getting to know the children, reading them stories, playing their games. I ask them when and where they would like their photo taken, letting them call the shots. I show them the results on the back of the camera and take more if they want more. I show the parents at least 5 poses, often a lot more, via a password protected gallery, to select in economical print packages or as digitals to print themselves.

School photography

For me, and many other parents, context is important. A photo with a white background has its place but a more contemporary image using the backdrop of the school building or classroom adds to the story. Looking back in years to come memories of happy school days will come flooding back. A little more structured than nursery shoots, school photos do involve a degree of posing but I work in an unobtrusive way, keeping disruption of the school day to a minimum.

Photos for school website and use in school

When booked for individual photos at a school I am also happy to provide free of charge photos for use on the school website, around the school, of staff and events. I can also provide group and class photos and event photos for sale to parents earning commission for the school.

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